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Tattoo Rituals


   R E V I E W S  


Ea has an incredible ability to focus deeply when she's working.
She owns a natural talent of enhancing, respecting and highlighting the body's own curves and lines with her astonishing ink jewelry. Combined with her empathetic but honest attitude - you get a very special talent that blossoms trust, beauty and creative craftwomanship on a high level.
It doesn't get much better than this


Ea is one of the most talented people that I know ☺
She made me a very beautiful peony flower on my arm - all hand poke, very percise and so beautiful.. I get complements all the time.
All the process was very pleasant and super professional.
Highly recommended.

New York, USA

I have received multiple tattoos from my dear sister Ea and they have all been beautiful experiences and beautiful pieces. If we are sitting next to the Ganges River or in the comfort of an at home studio, her calming and graceful energy make the tattoo sessions always relaxed and left me feeling completely confident in her. Her attention to detail and her great sense of style have both helped to ensure that all my pieces from her are amazing and left me feeling that she graced me with her beauty.
I can’t wait until my next one .

Hari Om

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