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   R E V I E W S  


In 2016, I decided to fly to Denmark from Belgium to get tattoed by Ea. I was following her work since her beginnings and I was sure I wanted to get marked by her. I fully trusted her on the design. After telling her what I liked and disliked, she composed an arm piece and a symetric ornament for my legs. It was exactly what I was expecting! Love at first sight!

The experience of getting tattoed by Ea is more similar to a ritual than a „classic“ tattoo session, with a machine. The vibe she creates makes you feel at home, safe and relax. The sessions were so quiet that I almost fell asleep. She works fast and is really precise in her drawing. Her lines always amaze me! 

My tattoos look like jewels, and I can’t stop looking at them everyday, even after four years! People keep asking me everywhere I go about them, impressed by their quality and design!

When they ask me about the meaning of my tattoos, I tell them that when I look at them, I remember exactly how I felt at that moment: Peaceful. At the end, it’s all that matters, that she manages to make your remember that you were in peace with yourself.


For me Ea is the fairy of tattoos.
Her designs are unlike anything I have seen that gets me connected to ancient tribes. The amazing hand poke technique is delicate like jewelry. Feels organic, natural on my skin. 

Waiting for the next one :)


I can really recommend Ea. I have been tattooed by her three times and she is so skilled, creative and always understands what I want. She is a perfectionist and detailed.
Love her work.


Ea tattooed me twice in Copenhagen. It was my friend who found her on Instagram and Ea’s style was exactly what I was looking for! 

Ea was throughout both processes really good at listening and capturing the style I was looking for which made me feel secure and in safe hands.


She was really patient, sweet and emphatic to me as a person and she made it so relaxing and a good experience. The tattoo it self didn’t hurt that much and Ea made sure to make me feel comfortable. 


I love my tattoos and they get a lot of praise from others. ️️


I got tattooed at Ea's studio in Tel Aviv more than once. 
It was an amazing experience each time. you can feel the art in her hands. There was always a really good energy and a creative atmosphere.
Ea is a talented tattoo artist and full of ideas. I was always pleased with her work expecting to return again. 
Thank you Ea for the time, the smile and the art. 

See you soon.



I am a tattoo artist myself. I know a lot of tattoo artists around this planet and great ones, and for a long time, I refused all ink from my tattoo artist friends. I wanted to wait for the right person, the right energy, the right love. I wanted to look at my skin and feel the bright energy, and the spirit of the person who tattooed it.
And then I met Ea. 8 years ago. And from that moment I gave her my body and my heart, and we are working on my full body suit. She is the only one until now that have inked my body. My feet, my legs, my back and my arms are the beginning of the final piece.
I trust her soul and I admire her professionalism. I am inspired from the woman she is, and I am grateful to know this great artist and that we share the same path.

Jannie tattoo1.jpg


Ea made my tattoo 2 years ago now, and still it makes me smile inside when I look at it. I smile because I'm super satisfied with her amazing art work but also because the whole experience with her somehow was about much more than just tattooing.
I got the tattoo in a period of my life, where a lot of inner movement and shift of orientation were happening, so I was very grateful as she asked me to light the Palo Santo incense and set an intention by the little altar before we began, and in that way she really sat the space for me to go even more consciously into getting this tattoo.   
There's no doubt my next tattoo will be with Ea - I can't wait!

Pia tattoo2.jpg


The most important thing as per my understanding, is capturing the expectation of the person who wants to get the tattoo, and the design has to match those expectations.
Ea nailed it. I had not met Ea - I saw her work on others and Instagram and knew she was the right artist for me. We started a dialog via Instagram, where I explained the design I wanted and the feelings I had about the design. I felt a connection straight away and had no doubt - she was the right match for my next tattoo.
The final design was amazing! Ea listened, understood and captured exactly what I wanted. So feminine and so delicate. She is SO focused on the details and nothing but perfect is good enough. The tattoo is perfect!
Ea is professional and so talented - a truly god gifted artist with the most beautiful spirit. She is so calm, grounded and easy to be in the presence of. 6 hours flies in her company.
I'm not done. Ea and I have a journey ahead of us - decorating my body. Her art, designs and feminine touch is so right for me. Can't wait for the next session <3


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